3 hour workshop Tools for The Modern Healer

Whether you are a clinician or just seeking better control of your own health, this workshop will empower you with practical knowledge and tools. You'll learn

  • Order your own lab tests, including When to do genetic testing and what’s the deal with MTHFR;

  • "Identify root causes, otherwise No amount of herb or acupuncture will work". Recognize the hidden epidemics causing modern ailments; demystify digestive disorders such as Leaky Guts/SIBO/Candida/Parasite, and learn One cheap fix. "The Body Never Forgets How to Repair itself", so long we take care of gut biome and remove the root stressor like mercury from dental amalgam.

  • Optimize cellular and mitochondria health, tools from the latest Anti-aging research and Biohacking movement. These are super active fields, and leveling up our mentality from illness-focus to Thriving-as-healing.

  • Demo of home quantification devices, such as Glucose monitor, Oura ring for sleep tracking.

Most recent class was in December 2020, and recording available through Florida School of Holistic Living


Paikea Cheng Liu is an acupuncturist and computer engineer based in Florida and Central KY. She loves to integrate healing art with science, and share What-works from her clinical experiences, from thousands of hours studying Functional Medicine and biochemistry, and most importantly, from healing herself out of 4 years digestive and autoimmune illness. Paikea holds three degrees in science and engineering, but finds true happiness in foraging, basket weaving, loving and empowering one another. http://www.LogicGirl.com