in a Distracted world

Focus in a Distracted world - A discussion on Getting things done without stress

Being intentional And effective with one's time, is a learned skill. We are not trained How to focus in school, yet our challenge is unprecedented at this time in human history: 10 years of Internet and smartphones have sucked all of our free time, and wired the brain to *want* distractions.

Quality of Attention = Quality of life. Both for work and personal social lives. Focus and Consistency may be the new superpower, above IQ and EQ. In this workshop We'll reveal dark secrets of the attention-grabbing industry, along with the science of nueroplasticity, of procrastination having little to do with will power, nor productivity require long hours. We'll practice caring for our physical emotional needs, as the foundation for focus and resilience. We'll learn simple tools to manage time and distractions, translate passion into daily habits, and keep them low stress. May you go far, and have more fun on the path of self mastery.