3-hour workshop Beyond Functional Medicine: Peptides and DIY Health

Staying healthy is challenging and complex nowadays, and we all seem to be dealing with some sort of ailment. It is my passion to enable people to understand and take better control of their health, with simple, scientific, and accessible tools. Whether you are a clinician, a biohacker, or just someone wanting better health, this workshop will offer much knowledge and practical tools:

  • Order your own lab tests, including When to do genetic testing and simplify "the MTHFR"!

  • Become aware of many silent epidemics and their shared root causes. Demystify inflammation, gut dysbiosis/Leaky gut leaky brain, Lyme and Chronic Fatigue, hormonal dysregulation, etc., and their overlapping fixes. "Remove the root assault, otherwise No amount of herb or acupuncture will work".

  • Support health at mitochondria and cellular level - this makes more sense and is more efficacious than the Functional Medicine approach. A lot of longevity research and Biohacking movement are really about cell life cycles and mitochondria energy production. Among the modern DIY tools coming out of those, I'll introduce you to Peptides, the body's natural signaling molecules. It repairs multiple body system at cellular level, and so safe, natural, and accessible that I call it "poor man's stem cell therapy".

The body is a miraculous machine that's designed to handle healthy amount of stress, to age gracefully, and to bounce back once you figure out what's really going on. I hope you apply the practical knowledge from this workshop, to improve health and fitness. Only with physical vibrancy, can we have the drive, emotional resilience, and apocaloptimism, to do work for Earth, to help one another, and create new realities.


Paikea Cheng is an acupuncturist and computer engineer based in Florida and Kentucky. She loves to integrate healing art with science, and share What-works from her clinical experiences, from thousands of hours studying Functional Medicine and biochemistry, and most importantly, from healing herself out of 4 years digestive and autoimmune illness. Paikea holds three degrees in science and engineering, but finds true happiness in foraging, basket weaving, loving and empowering one another. http://www.LogicGirl.com