Ancestral Trauma


Your Relation with Ancestors
Healing Trauma and Receiving Gifts

Ancestral healing is a most potent medicine and family gift, that we in the west rarely tap into. Let's gather to rekindle the line, and unlock the healing love awaits. The workshop will give you many simple tools and fun practices. You can expect most relevant insights and gifts for where you are in life.

  1. You'll be surprised by the sheer number of loving ancestors, by scientific researches of intergenerational trauma And blessing. You are a living altar carrying countless ancestors DNAs, and continue their stories in this world. Why pray to spiritual masters when you have your own army of helpers, who have vested interest in your wellbeing?

  2. Connect consciously and safely. Everybody has loving and wise ancestors. Everyone also has a-hole ancestors who aren't in peace (think of the last 500 years of human history!) You don't directly heal ancestral trauma, rather, ask the Ancient grandmothers grandfathers to repair the line, to guide the troubled ones.

  3. Make more sense of our own struggle and unmet needs in this life. The childhood trauma and particular hardship on our path, usually started way before us or our parents. Find the ancestral root for your struggle. We'll learn potent psychospiritual tools such as Attachment wounds, c-PTSD, and how to apply 5 languages of Love, to build a better relation with Healed ancestors. And with yourself.

You are very loved, wanted and equipped by your "people". You are never alone, and you have a purpose in the world. Come to this class to start the discovery - and the reunion. Paikea Bio

Upcoming Dates

Oct 29th 2022 Centered, Lexington, KY

Past Dates

Feb 5, 2022 Florida Earthskills Gathering

May 8, 2022 Mother's Day Edition

Paikea often teaches this workshop by donation, because it's such a potent medicine for our time. And a joyful sharing, and the ancestors will thank us!