Ancestral Trauma


Healing Ancestral Trauma and Receiving Gifts

Everyone has loving and luminous ancestors who are eager to help. Everyone also has troubled ancestors whose pain may still being lived in our own lives - Childhood and societal trauma usually started way before us, or our parents (think of the human history in the last 500-12000 years) . This workshop teaches many practical tools, for you to:

  1. Access ancient, healed ancestors. You don't directly heal your family line, rather, ask the Ancient ones to work on those who are not at peace. Cultivate a conscious relation with the many ancestors who are eager to help, and who have vested interests in you being well and vibrant.

  2. Understand our own pain, our coping styles when our needs aren't met (security, love and purpose), and how ancestral connection will heal the inner child, and empower the authentic adult/elder that you are becoming. There will be fun exercises to cultivate an intimate self knowledge and acceptance, drawn from modern teachings on complex PTSD and ACA/GCA (Adult Child of Alcoholics / Grandchild of Alcoholics).

Ancestral healing is a potent medicine for yourself, your living family, and our dystopia time. You are very loved and guided by your "people". You are never alone, and you have a purpose in the world. Come to this class to discover - and reunite.

Upcoming Dates

Feb 5 Florida Earthskills Gathering

Paikea often teaches this workshop by donation, because it's such a potent medicine for our time. And a joyful sharing, and the ancestors will thank us!