& Events


Feb 4-6 Florida Earthskills Gathering

I plan to teach two workshops: 1) Ancestral Trauma and Personal Healing 2) Peptides and DIY Health

Feb 19-21 Florida Outdoor Learning Festival

Feb 22-26 Winter Count AZ

May 13-15 Wild Health Summit Lexington, KY: Spring theme is "Consciousness embodied"

[Weekly Starting April] Acupuncture and Bodywork

Thursdays 2-7pm @ Centered Lexington, KY

Sundays 12-6pm @ Clear Creek Schoolhouse Berea, KY

[Monthly Starting April] Free Foraging Walk

First Sunday of every month 3-4PM. It's open air among the rolling hills @ Clear Creek Schoolhouse Berea, KY August 1st, September 5th, October 3rd

[Anytime, anywhere] Peptides and Integrative Medicine consultation

I order lab tests and give Functional medicine consultation (zoom as well as in person)


Dec 5th 2021 Free Foraging Class first Sundays

First Sunday of every month at 3PM

Oct 15th-17th Wild Foods, Wild Healing

Another amazing Wild Health Summit that I'm so excited and joyful to organize

Sept 30th Ancestral Trauma and the Integration towards Wholeness
at Centered

May 28-30th 2021 Wild Health Genomics and Rewilding Summit at The Kentucky Castle

I'm co-directing this amazing event

March 28st 2021 Edible Weeds Walk at UF Ethnoecology Garden Gainesville, FL

Free walk cap at 20. February walk was full, so register at the ticket link on FB event

Feb 13-18th 2021 Florida Outdoor Learning Festival Gainesville, FL

I co-founded this small earthskills gathering. President Day weekend every year!

Past Events

2020 Feb 5-9 Teaching @ Florida Earthskills Gathering

Feb 16 Basket Weaving workshop @ Florida Outdoor Learning Collective Gainesville, FL

Mar 1 Functional Medicine For the Modern Healer @ Florida Herbal Conference

Apr 4 Precision Medicine/Covid Conference with Ben Greenfield and Wild Health at Kentucky Castle

Jun 20 Thai Bodywork for Everyone Berea, KY

Jun 27 Tools for the Modern Healer This was a popular class at Florida Herbal Conference, and Florida School of Holistic Living. There is recording from June 2020.

2019 July 18-21 Teaching @ Whippoorwill Festival Central Kentucky

August - September Monthly Women's circle @ Florida Outdoor Learning Collective Gainesville, FL

September 15-21 Rabbit Stick Gathering Teton, ID

Nov 30 - Dec 1 I organize a Healing Festival @ Clear Creek Schoolhouse Berea, KY

Dec 14 Functional Medicine @ Florida School of Holistic Living