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Bloodwork Without Health Insurance

  • Wellness Essential #2 $95 <= Best value for low budget *

  • Wellness Essential + Vitamin D $135 <= my #1 recommendation

  • Genetic testing / MTHFR & detoxification report $199

  • Gut Biome test, Stool analysis (home collection kit), Food sensitivity, Heavy metal hair analysis

  • And many other options and addons, such as PSA, B vitamin status, hormones...

*you get a combo of Complete Blood Count with Complete Metabolic Panel, which will reveal Anemia, Glucose Levels, Kidney Profile, Liver function, Fluids and Electrolytes, Lipid Panel With Cholesterol, Thyroid Panel with Thyroid-stimulating Hormone and so on.

How it Works

  1. I order for you with no cost. You just Venmo/pay me what Quest charges me.

  2. You go to a Quest lab near you to draw blood and/or urine. Quest will have all your information, no need to pay or do any paperwork there. (This works just like going through a doctor's office, except I make it more accessible. )

  3. Quest will email me the results within a day. I'll forward them, and tell you the main findings.

After this, if wanted you can consult with me for a fee. I give the most practical and easy-to-follow action plan based on your numbers. You get a full color, personalized report like this. I charge sliding scale $50-$100 for that. It's a best value functional medicine consultation that probably no other practitioners provide.

Please fill the intake form to get started, or call me at 774-257-8308!