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Herbs and Supplements - Reports from Those Recovered at Home

When to go to hospital

Read CDC guideline. Also some MDs gave good advice at a COVID19 conference on April 5th:

  • Oximeter reads below 93% (I use Oximeter in my practice - it's a $10 device you can buy online, shows blood oxygen level instantly. Normal reading should be above 97%. )

  • If you cannot hold breath for 15 seconds that's "Difficult to breathe".

  • Prolonged High fever 104+ (Don't take ibuprofen)

Home care protocol - stay in the 80%

  • Herbs reportedly reduce symptom from the cases I know: Herb Pharm tincture: Virattack, Rapid Immune Boost.

  • Somebody made a pill form of the TCM formula that were effective in China hospitals - 1200 patients were on this formula without other medication, and none went into ICU or died. Qin Fei Pai Du Tang, see my translation later section.

  • Expectorant (when cough - >20% cases don't): 1) Herb Pharm Lung Expectorant 2) Pine - common white, Loblolly pines all work: Boil water, add fresh needles and twigs and simmer for 10 min. Pine needles are high in vitamin C too.

  • Often affecting GI: about 1/3 people will develop diarrhea, vomit and other GI symptoms. Betaine HCL at every meal to help with appetite and digestion. L-Glutamine, Zinc carnosine can speed up gut lining repair.

  • Pain and Inflammation: 1) Melatonin! New discovery for its anti inflammatory property, safe at high dose and don't shut down body's production 25mg+. One possible reason why children are less affected. 2) Reduced Glutathione 3) Solomon's Seal

  • KEEP the regime at least a week after you feel better. Multiple cases came back after feeling better and stopping taking herbs.

Other Prevention and Early stage tools

  • KEEP IT SIMPLE. Don't introduce too many new herbs supplements, work with what you have, make low-stress a priority and focus on long term optimal health.

  • Keep room humidity 40%-60%. Mucilaginous tea to keep mucous secretion and moving: Slippery Elm (anti-inflammatory actions specifically for Lung), Marshmallow root, Bone Broth.

  • Milder but easily available anti-virals: 2 cloves of raw garlic, fresh thyme, oregano, Pau D'Arco

  • Lymphagogue for swollen lymph nodes: Cleaver, Cardiovascular support also makes sense: Hawthorn, Horse Chestnut

  • Rapid immune boosters: Elderberry; Medicinal mushrooms like Turkey Tail (Spare Chaga and other over-harvested. Ask a local herbalist what's abundant in your area. ) . Immune booster Might contribute to cytokine storm so Stop them when symptoms progress. Although the latest study says extremely unlikely for Elderberry to cause cytokine storm.

  • Everybody has heard about Vitamin D and there are controversy, because D could increase cell surface ACE2 which is the receptor that this virus gets into the cell. Myself and most practitioners I follow think benefits outweigh this nuance, so do take Vitamin D! Similarly but for different specific mechanism, take Vitamin C but avoid large doses.

  • General directions for taking Tincture: Starts with twice a day, up to 5-6 times if no adverse reaction. Each time 1 dropper full in hot boiling water (to reduce alcohol content). For more herbalist advice follow my colleague Emily Ruff and Thomas Easley.

Care for sick family member

CDC has good guidelines on what to do if someone becomes sick in your household. The sick should wear mask when outside of their room. The chance of contraction based on studies out of China: 17% among close family members. 16% friends in close contact. So overall under 20%. Outside of close contact, it's 0.6% in shared public space like grocery store. 5% in shared bus/airplane etc. - keep in mind EVERYONE there wears a mask everywhere and they still do.

One thing I haven't seen anyone talked about is Air Conditioning. The healthcare professionals in China gave advice that, AC can increase exposure in the whole house. In warm places like Florida where you have to run AC, ventilate the person's room several times a day. Look up your local support groups and resources

Prevention Strategy for the Next 3 months

Click image to play a short video showing 5 PRACTICAL tools for prevention that people haven't talked about. I recorded the video on Mar 13th but the strategies are still relevant.

1. Wim Hof breathing: Free, simple, proven to fend off E Coli and improve immunity.

2. Ozone generator $50 for room. Don't breath it directly.

3. Prevent by optimizing health: one supplement to reduce inflammation quickly + Nicotinamide Riboside reverses aging at cellular level.

4. CONTROVERSIAL: Multiple herbalists told me to not use Colloidal Silver internally, even though it killed SARS in one study by U of Arizona. If you are unsure, there are many other antiviral herbs/supplements: Propolis, Japanese Honeysuckle, Ground Ivy...

5. Mental and emotional preparedness for the months ahead.

Free Consultation/Support

To be of service at this time, I offer free calls to answer questions on herb, supplement and other health concerns, or simply to listen for people who can use more emotional support. Here's how it works: Go to my appointment page and choose Free 15 minutes Consultation. I'll call or video you at the time you choose.

I encourage everyone to do the same: Call your elderly and whoever is confined to solitary quarantine.

Two herbal formulas Effective in China Hospitals - With Scientific name of the Plants

Compiled and translated by Cheng Liu, Scientific name of the plants and commentary by Andrew Ozinskas. Please share.

Formula #1 effective for PREVENTION, comes from Cheng's hometown where all hospitals staff have been ingesting for a month and It's working

Formula #2 effective in TREATING, issued by National Bureau of Traditional medicine. After 1200 patients got better on the formula alone without other medications. Observed improvements in 90% cases, where 60% significantly reduced fever and possibly saved from ICU and death.

#1 Prevention Formula: by Gu ZhiShan. Make a decocation in 400ml water, drink warm twice a day (200ml in the morning and 200ml evening) ; repeat 10 days up to 1 month.

  • MaiDong 麦冬10gram (Ophiopogon japonicus, mondo grass, dwarf lilyturf root) common landscape plant throughout the warmer parts of the US

  • TaiZiShen 太子参 10g (Pseudostellaria heterophylla, false starwort root) We have an analogous herb throughout the western half of the US, Pseudostellaria jamesiana, which also has a tuberous root. I suspect it has similar medicinal qualities but this is a guess.

  • FangFeng (raw) 防风(生)6g (Saposhnikovia divaricata, siler root)

  • GanCao 生甘草 3g (Glycyrrhiza uralensis, Siberian licorice root) We have the native Glycyrrhiza lepidota, but don’t bother, unknown safety; the Eurasian types are infinitely available on our common herb markets

  • HuangQi(raw) 生黄芪 10g (Astragalus propinquus, astragalus root) Commonly available, but you couldsubstitute ginseng or reishi

  • WuWeiZi(vinegar treated) 五味子(醋制)6g (Schisandra chinense, Schisandra, five flavor fruit berries). We have a native Schisandra glabra in the southern US, but don’t bother looking, the Eurasian Schisandra is widely available and can be readily cultivated in our area as well

  • CangShu(paozhi) 苍术(炒) 10g (Atractylodes chinensis, wild atractylodes root)

  • BaiShu(paozhi) 白术(麸炒)10g (Atractylodes macrocephala, cultivated actractylodes root) commonly available

  • KuXingRen 苦杏仁 6g (Prunus armeniaca, apricot kernel) You can use any apricot kernel, but be careful, this seed contains cyanide precursors and can give you cyanide poisoning. You need to know how to prepare it and the proper dose.

  • ShengMa 升麻 5g (Actaea heracleifolia, Chinese black cohosh root) Our native Actaea racemose is fully analagous.

#2 Treatment Formula: Qing Fei Pai Du Tang Lung Detox based on Shang Han Lun. Make a decocation in 400ml water, drink warm twice a day (200ml in the morning and 200ml evening); repeat 3 days. In the States somebody made a pill form that you can buy.

  • Ma Huang 麻黄9g (Ephedra sinica, ma-huang, ephedra leaf) Chinese ephedra is banned by the FDA for

  • its ephedrine content. We have many native Ephedra spp. throughout the arid western US. While not totally the same in action, I commonly use Ephedra viridis, Mormon tea, for its powerful anti-

  • inflammatory and protective actions on the respiratory tract, in allergies and sinusitis

  • Zhi Gancao 炙甘草6g (Glycyrrhiza uralensis, Siberian licorice root) We have the native Glycyrrhiza lepidota, but don’t bother, unknown safety & the Eurasian types are infinitely available on our common herb markets

  • Xing Ren Almond 杏仁 9g (Prunus armeniaca, apricot kernel) You can use any apricot kernel, but be careful, this seed contains cyanide precursors and can give you cyanide poisoning. You need to know how to prepare it and the proper dose.

  • Sheng Shi Gao 生石膏 15~30g (boil first, reduce dose if No fever. Increase if Fever) (Fibers from native Gypsum crystals, mineral) Hmmm, I’m a practitioner of preparing medicines from minerals and am not familiar with internal gypsum usage. We have native gypsum, selenium in the eastern US, but don’t mess with this, lol

  • Gui Zhi 桂枝9g (Cinnamomum cassia, cinnamon bark) Common cinnamon

  • Ze Xie 泽泻9g (Alisma plantago-aquatica, Eurasian water plantain root) We have native water plantain species, and this particular species also occurs in the pacific northwest. Be careful, this is not a safe herb and probably prepared to reduce toxicity in some way in the Chinese tradition.

  • Zhu Ling猪苓9g (Polyporus umbellatus, umbrella polypore mushroom) This mushroom occurs throughout the US, especially in the Pacific northwest. Potential replacements could include birch polypore and hen of the woods.

  • Bai Shu 白术9g (Atractylodes macrocephala, cultivated actractylodes root) Commonly available Eurasian herb

  • Fu Lin茯苓15g (Wolfiporia extensa, Polypore fungus sclerota) This is a very unique underground mushroom sclerota, or hardened mycelial mass, no idea of analogous herbs, nor where to find this

  • Chai Hu 柴胡16g (Bupleurum falcatum, Chinese throughwort roots) We have locally occurring Bupleurum spp., and I am currently experimenting with the usage. Check back later, no comment currently. This is easily available on Chinese herb markets however.

  • Huang Qin 黄芩6g (Astragalus propinquus, astragalus root) Commonly available Chinese herb, or use ginseng

  • JiangBanXia 姜半夏9g (Pinellia ternate, crow-dipper root) this is a toxic Araceae family plant, the root is heavily processed using ginger -apparently- to make it less toxic. It does occur as an introduced species in parts of the US. Similar to our native Arisaema spp.

  • ShengJiang ginger 生姜9g (Zingiber officinale, ginger root) Common ginger root

  • ZiYuan 紫菀9g (Polygala chinense, Chinese senega root) Our native analogous plant is Polygala senega, a delightful aromatic/methyl salicylate/wintergreen aroma root.

  • DongHua 冬花9g (Tussilago farfara, coltsfoot flower) This is a common plant throughout eastern US, is controversial due to toxic unsaturated pyrrolizidine alkaloids

  • SheGan 射干9g (Iris domestica, blackberry lilly root) A common garden flower throughout the US, careful, toxicity

  • XiXin 细辛6g (Asarum splendens, wild ginger root) Our native analogous herb is Asarum canadense, banned by the FDA for its supposed content of the toxic mutagen aristolochic acid

  • ShanYao 山药12g (Dioscorea japonica, Asian wild yam root) We have native wild yam, Dioscorea villosa, and the widespread introduced Dioscorea oppositifolia. I suspect the latter is more closely matched.

  • ZhiShi 枳实6g (Citrus x aurantium, Asian bitter orange immature fruits) No native analogous herb but folks grow this down in Florida

  • ChenPi 陈皮6g (Citrus reticula, Tangerine sun-dried peel) Common tangerine peel

  • HuoXiang 藿香9g (Agastache rugosa, Asian purple giant hyssop aerial parts) We have many locally available Agastache spp., including the native Agastache scophularifolia, American purple giant hyssop. Good replacement, but good luck finding it ; ), I would also suggest Pycnanthemum, mountain mint species as good aromatic diaphoretics.

What’s happening in China now + My Personal Report

Mar 22nd

None of my family and friends got the virus. My hometown is in an eastern province surrounding Shanghai. At the peak there were total 5 cases in the 1 million+ population thanks to draconialy enforced restriction. Now business and schools are gradually re-opening. The biggest change? So many people filed divorce that they have to wait 2 months. Many quit their jobs.

I hope everyone will grow from this the existential crisis and live a more healthy and awakened life. I hope more will grow their own food, and practice back-to-land earthskills.

Mar 28th - Apr 5th

Chinese government's zero case report is not to be trusted. April 5th estimate is 2,500 new cases daily. Wuhan and Shanghai have a second irruption looming. It matches the Nature article on March 20th, that around 40%-50% of the carriers are asymptomatic and shed virus the same. I think the pandemic will last through fall, with a small come back next spring. I personally think we will All get it within a year or two. Perhaps analogous to Epstein Barr virus: Almost everyone carries them, many with little to no symptoms. All we are doing now is to flatten the contraction curve, and wait for the virus to mutate to more mild strands.

April 15th

China is on alarm again as new cases are rising. Many residential and industrial buildings are checking people's temperature before letting them in.

June 15th - LAST UPDATED

Second wave is confirmed! in Beijing.

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