Paikea Cheng Liu

Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure No. AC140

Fellowship trained in Genomics Personalized Medicine

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, U of New Mexico

Master of Oriental Medicine, Academy for Five Element Acupuncture

Thai Massage certificate, Old Medicine Hospital, ChiangMai, Thailand

Computer engineer turned acupuncturist, Paikea is a radical healer. She has vast, up to date knowledge, on modern nutrition, functional medicine, cellular/mitochondria health, biohacking practice such as anti-aging molecule and peptides. On top of her large toolbox, Paikea listens to each individual, to arrive at What works. What's effective and accessible, given Your lifestyle, genomics, where you are and what you want.

Her specialty is Gut health (Candida, SIBO, reflux, bloating), inflammation, chronic pain, autoimmune issues such as allergy, Hashimoto/Hypothyroid; neurodegenerative conditions, mercury and mold toxin, longevity and optimizing performance.

No matter where you are on the road from illness, wellness, fitness to wholeness, Paikea can help. It's her passion to pinpoint the root causes, and restore balance with cost-effective treatment and tools.

Paikea's story in her own words: I grew up in China and came to the States for graduate school. I earned a Masters in Electrical Engineering, and a second Masters in Computer Science. While writing code in IT and exploring humanitarian interest - I was a Big sister and a hospice volunteer, I came to understand my own social anxiety and Complex PTSD.

In 2013 I quit the programming job to travel in a RV, and gradually came out of “dark nights of the soul”. I started training in herbalism and acupuncture since 2014, and healed myself from digestive and autoimmune illnesses.

I'm healed now and love who I am what I do. I'm deeply compassionate and deeply capable of supporting others on their journey. I no longer live in a van, although still down by the river, among homesteading friends in central Kentucky. I teach foraging, organize re-wilding conference, weave baskets, joyfully serving people and Earth.

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