The world population grew from 6 billion to 7 billion in 12 years.  That's over 200,000 people every single day ( 10,0000,0000 / 12 / 365 )  Without tackling the population problem, all other conservation or innovation efforts will be futile.

Consider adoption.  463,000 children are in foster care in the United States alone. Tens of thousands reach the age of 18 without ever finding a forever family.   (Source Mass Adoption Resource Exchange)

In the United States, about 40-50% of all pregnancies are unintended or unwanted.   Researches by the Freaknomics author show that legalized abortion in the 70's reduced crime in the 90's.   

Modern society's apathy is not because people are bad but often because resources are limited - Most people are willing to help others when they have plenty.

tragedy-of-unwanted-child rights-vs-responsibilities fear_injection civilization_in_one_ejacuate Memorial_of_man    

Marvin Minsky the MIT professor on the taboo (Funny and entertaining especially after minute 2:00)

A delightful talk by Jane Goodall on Population


It affects everyone. Please speak out.

Donate to Population Institute in Washington DC. They make contraceptive more accessible to some of the 215 million women who want but don't have it.

Support Planned Parenthood.

Sign a letter to Congress